Will Davey Johnson Do A Good Job Managing?

Davey Johnson has a managerial career that has seen a far more highs than lows. He became a household name in New York when he led the Mets to a World Series triumph in 1986, and he was named the National League Manager of the Year in 2012 for the job he did with the Washing ton Nationals.

Johnson has been criticized for his laid back approach by team owners who expect players to work for every penny of their multi-million dollar contracts. He became the first National League manager to win 90 or more games in five straight seasons, but his teams are known for enjoying a night on the town. The Mets let Johnson go when the team hit a rough patch in 1990. This heralded the start of more than a decade of futility for the Mets, and Johnson remains the most successful coach in franchise history.

Johnson then managed the Cincinnati Reds and Baltimore Orioles, and he took both teams to a League Championship series. His first Manager of the Year Award came in 1997 when he was with the Orioles. Since joining the Nationals, Johnson has led the team to its first division title and set a franchise record with 98 wins.

Do You Miss The Steroid Era In Baseball?

Many people look down on the MLB for not doing anything to remove the cheating during the steroid era, but it was the steroid era that revived baseball. Many baseball fans walked away from the game after the strike of 1994 and did not return until the steroid era. It is impossible for the casual baseball fan to not get excited about 500 foot home runs getting hit every game. While the steroid era revived the sport, I am glad that it is over.

As a baseball purist, I love watching a low scoring pitching duel more than a high scoring affair. While it is exciting to see players hit long home runs, I do not need to see this every game to still enjoy baseball. Every player should have an even playing field, and that is what the MLB is slowly getting towards.

Historic stats are major part of baseball, and the steroid era ruined some of most coveted records in the MLB. If you are going to break the all-time home run record in the MLB, then you should be doing it without any extra help.

I will forever remember the steroid era as one of the most important times in professional baseball, but baseball is much better without the steroids.

Is Rex Ryan A Genius Or All Talk?

Excellent defensive talent, enough talent on offense, consistent special teams play, a little luck and some proper guidance allowed Rex Ryan to make back to back AFC Championship game appearances during 2009 and 2010. Great start to any Coaches career, right?

It appeared during those two special seasons Rex often leveraged the use of the news medium to project his loud and often boisterous personality to attempt to motivate his players before, during and after games. Or, maybe his style was simply blatant overconfidence and his players just happened to back him up with stellar individual performance on the field.

Whatever the case may be for Rex Ryan's approach, what needs to come to the surface now is solid coaching. Time has moved on from his NFL debut and he his fresh off a losing season marred by failed expectations, injured players and a ridiculous quarterback fumble.

So, let the defensive minded genius go to work, may he trust his offensive coordinator, may he allow his players to play and may he stop talking promises.

The latest time I checked, only one Jet held up on a guarantee.
Want to know more? Go ahead: Rex Ryan tees off on Orioles regarding game he's not in

Are The Chargers The Most Underachieving Team In The NFL?

For years the San Diego Chargers have not lived up to the hype that has surrounded the team. They consistently fail to deliver on all of the pre-season promises. The Chargers have not been able to deliver a Super Bowl title to the city, even though they have had the most talented roster in the NFL on multiple occasions.

The Chargers have not been able to win a title with All-Pro players such as Phillip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, Vincent Jackson, Shawn Merriman and a host of other talented, yet under-achieving players. In years that the Chargers were poised to make a deep run into the playoffs, it seems as if there was always a missed Nate Kaeding field goal that kept them from winning a playoff game. The Chargers choke under pressure.

Phillip Rivers, as the quarterback of the Chargers, takes most of the heat for the team's failures. While Rivers has thrown some crushing interceptions in his time with the team, some blame also needs to fall upon Coach Norv Turner. He could never get his team over the hump and could not inspire them when times were tough. Adversity is something the Chargers simply cannot handle. Keep looking, there's more: Will the San Diego Chargers Make It To the Playoffs Again With Phillip Rivers?

What Ever Happened To Sean Merriman – Will He Return?

Sean Merriman is a curious case when it comes to the NFL. He is one of those players that had so much potential, yet never really lived up to it in the way that he was expected to. While Merriman had a few decent seasons in the NFL, he never lit up the league like many predicted he would. A series of injuries, coupled with a turbulent person life, meant that Merriman could never get a sustained run of games in the past few years. This is what kept him on the injury list for a lot longer than he would have liked.

Sean Merriman was rookie of the year in 2005 and he was even in the Pro Bowl his first three season in the NFL. However, things started to go downhill from 2008 onwards. A knee injury meant that Merriman would just never recover to become the player that he was. He also managed to get foot injuries that restricted his playing time.

While everyone is optimistic that Merriman will return to his old form, chances are this will not happen. Many players recover from serious injuries, but there are those cases where people just cannot find the form they held in the past. We will always cherish the time we had to see Merriman at his best and we will rue that his career did not go the way we expected.

Will The NFL Or NBA Be Playing Again First?

The lockouts of the NFL and NBA were major sports news this past summer, luckily the NFL managed to salvage their season just in time leaving the onus on the NBA to find a way to do the same. The detrimental effects that missing games has on the fans can be significant. Major League Baseball had a lockout about 15 years ago that effectively destroyed the massive fan base the MLB had previously enjoyed. The NBA does not want to suffer in a similar manner.

The heart of the matter for the now resolved NFL lockout and the NBA lockout boils down to two words: revenue sharing.Never heard of this before? . The players and owners have to find a fair way to split the revenue pie, or else the NBA season could be cancelled and everyone will suffer as a result. Other factors are at play as well, including contract length, contract guarantees and rookie player ages, but the revenue sharing is the only issue serious enough to actually threaten losing games.

There have been slight signs of optimism on the NBA lockout front; both sides seem to be making slight concessions which at least points to the fact that they are talking and making some progress. For now, enjoy football and keep your fingers crossed for basketball.

Who Is the Best Place Kicker In The League?

It is difficult to judge who the "best" place kicker in the NFL is, but here are three guys that fit the bill. Historically, Morten Andersen has put up stellar numbers. In his 25 year tenure he scored more points than any other player in the history of the game, attempted and made more field goals, and played in 7 pro bowls. His success is hard to deny, but other factors like accuracy have to be considered. Nate Kaeding of the San Diego Chargers is currently the most accurate place kicker in the history of the league, and is on pace to break Andersen's scoring record in 18 years.Want more? Kaeding could be among the greatest of all time, but he is injured for the 2011 season, which does not bode well. For active, healthy kickers the nod has to be given to Robbie Gould of the Chicago Bears. Gould is the 4th most accurate kicker in NFL history and he is still young. Though Gould is not the most accurate, it is also important to remember that Gould's home field is Soldier Field, a field that has often been called the worst playing surface in professional football, not to mention that in the later months it can often be found in a blanket of snow. Though there is no clear cut all time best, I would put my confidence in any of these guys on any day.

Is The Cowboys Defense Too Old To Succeed?

The issue of age has been repeatedly raised by NFL analysts when discussing the defense of the Dallas Cowboys. After all, Kenyon Coleman and Jay Ratliff both start on the Cowboys' defensive line and each is at least age 30; and let us not forget that Keith Brooking, age 35, and Terrence Newman, age 33, both play for this defense as well. There is more to a defense than cumulative age, however. With their exceptional conditioning, defensive players can last quite a long time. Need proof? See Lewis, Ray of the Baltimore Ravens.

Damage control is the name of the game on defense. Getting after the other guy's quarterback and causing turnovers is the ultimate goal. So far, the Cowboys have created just three turnovers through the first two weeks of the 2011 season, but they have certainly succeeded in rattling the opposing QB with fair efficiency as they have already posted 10 sacks. The bottom line is the Boys' resident graybeards are getting their jobs done. With 51 points allowed through two games, blame lies with the defensive scheme and the less experienced players, particularly in the secondary. Dallas veterans, it's time to offer some sage-like wisdom to your younger teammates; you only have 15 weeks to turn this thing around.

>How Are People Getting Their Sports?

We love using satellite to look up our favorite teams and we know people who'd rather check theirs out in magazines. However you get your sports you've got to let us know…what are the weirdest ways you're getting your sports news now?
Tweeting: Since when did it become mandatory for all sports figures to have a Twitter account? We think the announcers at ESPN need to spend more time talking about the game and less about what Ron Artest Tweeted…
Celebrity Blogs: It seems the line between sports star and celebrity is getting blurrier everyday and with so many athletes dating models and actresses, it's no wonder they keep showing up in the gossip rags. We don't love the trend but we guess it comes with the territory.
XM Radio: We've talked to a lot of people who are in their car all day everyday and get many of the big games over the air waves. We think it's a novel throwback to times of old and there's nothing better than trying to paint a picture in your mind based on an announcer's words.

How Many Super Bowls Will The Packers Win?

Coming off an impressive Super Bowl win in 2011, it's safe to ask the question how many Super Bowls will the Green Bay Packers win? Green Bay returns its coach and play-caller (Mike McCarthy), quarterback (Aaron Rodgers), and the majority of the roster from the 2011 team.

The Packers have the bulk of their starters returning for the 2011-2012 season including quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is 27 years old and entering the prime of his career. Barring injury, trade, or severe decline in play, this alone should keep the Packers contending for NFC North Division and Super Bowl opportunities.Didn't catch that?

In addition to a very productive NFL draft, the Packers also return a number of starting players off the injured reserve, thus increasing to the very deep and talented pool of players that won the Super Bowl.

Based on this reasoning, the forecast for future success in Green Bay is looking great. As long as the Packers can maintain a level of consistent coaching, play, and players, they should content for Super Bowls for the next 10 years. If they are successful in reaching the Super Bowl five of those years, they should win 2-3 NFL Championships.